Run for Sight offers free services for indigents by Jasmin R. UY (The Freeman, Monday, April 16, 2007)

Indigent families can now avail themselves of free medical services through the Cebu Doctors University Hospital”s wellness program or medical mission for the poor.

The program, named the Tabang-Tabang Ta or T3, was initiated by Dr. Yong Larrazabal of the Run For Sight Foundation, starting this month until May, in various CDU hospitals in the metropolis.

Run for Sight race director Raymond Silot said T3 will be a series of medical missions for the needy throughout the two-month period.

As part of the T3, more than a hundred children yesterday made use of the hospital”s free circumcision, known as Operation Tuli, handled by doctors and medical interns.

“This will be a good training experience and exposure for them (the interns), and an applied learning experience for them,” Silot said.

Besides the Operation Tuli, the Run For Sight Foundation is also set now to conduct cataract operations.

Silot said that of the 15 people who registered so far for the free cataract treatment, two of them have been recommended for operation while the rest will be provided with free eyeglasses each.

There will also be free dental services, and tests on sugar, blood pressure, and calcium, among others.

Silot said the foundation has been open for registration of people who wish to take the free medical tests and services but will be screened by social workers to determine their real economic status because the program has been done only for the indigents.

Silot announced that the foundation will hold a fun run on May 6, the proceeds of which will go to the program. The fun run is open for anybody who wishes to help the less fortunate in society.

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