CEBU Doctors’ Centre for Sight Uses advanced tech for LASER eye surgery by Rudynah D. Entera (Sun Star October 4, 2002)

“It empowers you to deliver high standards of vision correction.”

This is how Dr. Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal defined the main vision of the newly opened Centre for Sight at the ground floor of Cebu Doctors’ Hospital (CDH).

The centre is using the advanced Zyoptix technology, the world’s finest solution for laser eye surgery, he said. Zyoptix is an innovation of Bausch and Lomb, a global leader in inventive eye care technology.

According to Larrazabal, 12 people have been successfully operated on at the centre since it opened.

“Our laser has a tracker which follows every movement of the eye. Zyoptix is an advanced level of refractive laser eye surgery technology commonly known as Lasik.

This has been verified as even safer and more efficacious by results in a clinical study in 35 cities around the world,” he explained.

As long as one doesn’t have cataract problems, one may undergo Zyoptix laser eye surgery. “After I had my eyes lasered with Zyoptix, now I have the ability to see more than 20 resolutions. I was amazed!” said Francis Llaban, the center’s model cum endorser.

B&L general manager Elmer Reyes said that Zyoptix can provide an analysis of the eye’s optical system through the use of wavefront technology. It has the potential to enable surgeons to perform a more extensive diagnosis of aberrations and create a personalized profile to treat these.

Along with the formal launching of the centre was the acquisition of a new sub-second spiral CT scanner that makes CT scanning faster and more convenient, the management said.

CT scan director Phillip Larrazabal said the new machine gets images in less than a second.

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