Pascal Laser – Fastest Argon Retina Laser in the world now available

The new Pascal LASER was recently made available to our patients.

Pascal LASER is a new automated laser delivery system that is ten times faster than conventional lasers and yet is less painful. This laser is used to treat diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular disease, retinal tears, macular degeneration and even certain forms of glaucoma.

It delivers significantly enhanced benefits to both the physician and patient while remaining consistent with standard protocols. This advanced method of photocoagulation enables the Ophthalmologist to provide more rapid, precise, and safe treatment. Because of this, patients are likely to experience less discomfort and therefore have more tolerance for the procedure. Treatment delivery is much more efficient and extremely comfortable for patients with excellent therapeutic response. This innovation represents a huge leap forward in the physician’s ability to deliver quality care to more patients.

Retinopathy FAQs

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