Doc Yong Larrazabal: Man With A Vision


Cebu Daily News

August 29 2008


Man with a vision

Meet this young ophthalmologist, who not only looks after his patient’s eyes, but also looks out for the future.

Doctor Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal III has a passion for new things, innovation, and ideas. Doc Yong spearheaded the recently concluded Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) Run. For the third year in a row, he finished first in the 10-kilometer men’s category.

He attributes his success to his healthy lifestyle. “Aside form running every day before bedtime, I don’t smoke and sleep early,” he shared.

According to Doc Yong, all throughout his 12 years of practice, he always had a heavy daily schedule. Lately, he found a new way to deal with burnout and stay healthy at the same time: running.

“Actually,” Doc Yong said, “I originally played basketball. But I was prone to hurt my fingers and this was very risky for someone who operates on eyes”. Doc Yong is serious in his running and health regimen.

Since he started running two years ago, he has joined a total of four marathons, two of them international (in New York and Hong Kong). He is set to join the 42- kilometer marathon in Chicago this November 12. He has even persuaded his wife, popular singer and actress Donna Cruz, to join in last year’s six- kilometer run in the women’s category.

The CDU Run is one of the activities organized and conducted by Doc Yong’s brainchild, the Run for Sight Foundation ( Proceeds from the three runs went into funding bloodletting and medical missions and rehabilitation of parts of the Guimaras coast after oil spill.

“You see, at the end of the day, what is important is that we make people smile and be happy, “Doc Yong told Cebu Daily News.

He shared his experience with actor Antonio Aquitania and his younger brother back when the former was still a virtual unknown. He related that Antonio came into the emergency room of Philippine General Hospital carrying his six-year-old brother who had laceration near the eye. Since they had very little money, he paid for the materials needed for the operation.

“Later when I married Donna, Antonio’s manager came over to her and told her that buotan ang iya husband( her husband is very kind),”Doc Yong said, smiling at reminiscence.

Doc Yong’s Larrazabal Eye Clinic, located inside the Cebu Doctors’ Hospital complex in Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, exemplifies his dedication to his craft and to helping others. It offers the latest in cataract surgery at affordable terms. The more advanced methods enable patients to see near and far shortly after surgery is performed. For more information, visit the website at (KAREEN KRISTEEN VALMORIA)

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